Wednesday, March 24, 2010


DESIGNER PROFILE: Alexandre Herchcovitch

Since launching his collection in 1994, the Brazilian designer has held fast to his vision, bringing fantasy with a utilitarian streak that’s sometimes politically charged, be it through freaky constructions of molded rubber and gargantuan sequins, brash patterns and religious iconography, or the geometrically daring frocks he’s favored of late. Greatest hits include the Tyvek dress and a new take on the tuxedo; more avant-garde and controversial looks. -NYMAG-

"My customer in Brazil is someone looking for something different, something that isn't necessarily a trend, people looking for real designers, who develop material and colors and mix them in unique ways. People who desire new things, and new ways of expressing themselves and communicating something through their clothing. Thats the person who wears my clothes. This is the same customer I see elsewhere. -NYMAG-

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