Saturday, March 20, 2010

Steaming up the New Year

In only 4 years Kim Kardashian has gone from being a regular LA babe, to the request of almost everyone’s makeup artist (believe me, I know!). If you haven’t realized it yet and it’s pretty obvious, this gorgeous goddess was destined for fame. In her short time she has opened several companies, launched numerous products and is endorsing everything from makeup to salads. Let’s face it, whether you love her or love to hate her, she is hot. Just how hot? She has been regarded as one of the hottest women in Hollywood. After meeting her in LA, I realized the dazzlising dash-doll is just as sweet as she is sweetfaced. From impeccable style, to a killer bod, Kimmy K is here to stay. RESPECT!!

She will be releasing two calenders next year, one as a blond and one as a brunette. Here are some sneak peaks from her 2011 calender as a brunette. Take note to the babe in the ball cap, that's her ingenious makeup artist, Mario, he's also a sweetheart!

photos courtesy of kimkardashian


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